Friday, 23 January 2015

Take Me Deeper - Week 4

Well, this has been a week and a half jam packed with emotion and decisions to make and lots and lots of praying lol! As a family we have decided that school is not the best place for our youngest daughter, 12, to achieve the best kind of education for her, or for her to be fulfilled. So we have made the decision to Home Educate her!

It's a big step but one that feels so right for her and for us all, at this moment in time. Hubby and I have been shown throughout these past few weeks since we started looking into Home Education that we are most definitely not able to control the things we would like to!! Given that, it's important to realise that we can only do what is best for us at this moment in time. No point in worrying about the future or how today's decisions will affect tomorrow...leave that to God to order and take care of and bring us though.

So, the letter goes into school today to deregister her, and from next week we are officially a Home Educating family! We've got some resources already, are collecting others, and I've met some really lovely people - other Home Educators - online who are SO helpful with links to online resources! Firstly though, children who are taken out of school should have a period of 'deschooling' to get them out of the school day mentality. Home Education, can be so much freer and informal than school, and it's important that the child gets back to their natural state of being inquisitive and wanting to learn, and learn according to their interests as well. It's a whole new mindset for parents as well as children, and it is accepted wisdom that time should be taken to 'deschool'. During this time we'll be talking about how we want to study and what we want to study. of course, we know that children are learning all the time through their everyday experiences, so that is where we are starting from during the period of deschooling. I'm looking forward to getting things organised and starting to do more of the things that our daughter loves to do but rarely had time for during the week as she was just so exhausted after school and homework!

I suppose I should have known something was coming, lol, what with the Take Me Deeper theme for the month being Transformation! I really feel I have been transformed good n proper in certain ways through this experience, lol! From dismissing Home Educating out of hand initially, thinking I wouldn't be up to it and it had to be much more formally done than is actually the case, to one day just being aware of the words 'freely give' in my head. Must have been words from God as I remember no connection with anything I was reading or listening to at the time! That was when I started googling Home Education UK and found out just how wonderful it can be and not at all how I'd thought it would have to be done! I felt such peace when thinking I could actually do this for our daughter! So I researched some more and spoke to hubby, and we have been led towards today when the official letter will go into school!

My mind has been well and truly opened and educated and it has been a really strong lesson in trusting God to take us through hardships that come; trusting that He will lead us to do the right thing when we can't possibly know how something will pan out; trusting that even if we're making a mistake He will get us through; trusting that he will be there with me, helping me to cope with the everyday practicalities of Home Educating! Realising that we don't have to simply settle for what everyone else is doing just because society says that's what we should do! Thinking about things that hadn't really impacted me before - how children, young children, are doing 10+ hour days and still having to do homework in their downtime once their home! How many adults would do a 10 hour day (inc travelling time), then when they get home do a couple more hours' work, all for no reward while they are doing it?! Just on trust that they may get a piece of paper at the end that may help them sometime in their future?!! That's what government deems suitable for the majority of children in our country, regardless of their own individual personalities and needs, which the system isn't really set up to cope very well with! Thank goodness we have the legal right to Home Educate!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to with my family these past few weeks. It's been quite draining but now the decision is made we can go forward positively I feel. So, here is my Week 4 page for Take Me Deeper! It's quite appropriate in regard to our situation, although I wasn't aware of that shaping the artwork when I did it!!

I did all the additional reading - this seems to be a pattern now, unless and until I've done all that reading not a single glimmer of an image will enter my head LOL! My thinking on this one involved themes from each one of the other readings plus extra bits that I read around those! (ie I couldn't stop at just the verses suggested!!) You can find the Take Me Deeper Group, and the prompts etc here if you'd like to join in!
The girl is rising up out of the waves of doubt, leaving those behind, focussed on God (the rays of light). Rising towards God's approval and possessing the blessings that God keeps in Heaven for His people - those who through faith are kept safe by God's power.
So we rise up and do not sink. We can be confident that a righteous life will be the reward.
The girl was made using Sewing Patterns font, and I chopped the arms around a bit to make them rise up! Then clipped papers to her to make her like a paper-pieced doll. The butterflies are still present showing transformation all around - God working on us and with us. We just need to keep our focus (my Logos365) in the right place!

The rest was created using CU brushes and stash from Altered Amanda's Studio.
Bernie x

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  1. Best wishes for your homeschooling journey, Bernie!!! I can't believe that come June 2016 my journey will be over!! Been doing this a long time. :)