Friday, 24 April 2015

Take Me Deeper - April Week 4

It was the first week back at school again this week after over two weeks holiday and returning to routine seems to be getting harder! Life has kept me away from the computer a lot and there's been a lot of driving around, but we're planning a movie day and some relaxation for the weekend!

Each day I see or experience something that makes me stop to give pause and realise how much we have to be thankful for. I love that I'm more aware of these things now - just as it should be! One of the things I am regularly inspired by is the kindness and creativeness from everyone at His Kingdom Come! The sense of community, the artwork, the kind words and thoughts and the pure caring so evident there is so uplifting! If you'd like to be a part of this and join in the fun you can find His Kingdom Come HERE!

So with that in mind, here's my piece for April Week 4 - have to say this is possibly my favourite piece of the year so far!

April Week 4 - A Living Hope
I did all the suggested reading and found the following passages from various sources that really spoke to me:
- It is nothing less than an almighty power that will bring a soul to believe in Christ, and to venture its all upon his righteousness, and upon the hope of eternal life.
- If God can spare His Son from defeat by death, he can spare us from defeat by life.
- Here then is the new community, the called-out ones, from both Judaism and paganism, that now constitute the church.
- The fulfilment of the Father's purpose for the Son is his lordship over the church. Jesus, who fills the whole universe with his presence and governs the entire creation with his given authority, finds his completion as Head of the body, the church.
- God wants us to know what is the hope of this calling - your salvation does not rest on you choosing Christ but on his choosing you.
I think the three commentaries I found that really inspired me are these:
- Knowing you are saved because in eternity god purposed to save you, and that His purpose is certain, will give you assurance when struggling with doubt or failure. It will encourage you to go on. It will fill you with thanksgiving, joy and hope.
- The hope of His calling is the certainty of increasing blessing and joy in Christ, beginning now and lasting through all eternity.
If we are the called according to God's purpose, then we know that he is actively working all things together for your good, both in time and in eternity. So even in the most difficult trials, we can be filled with hope.
- ...that God should set such high value on a community of sinners rescued from perdition and still bearing too many traces of their former state, might well seem incredible were it now made clear that he sees them in Christ, as from the beginning he chose them in Christ. (FF Bruce).

Again, I had absolutely no image in my head with which to illustrate hope! I looked up what is said to be the colour of hope...I knew green was was surprised to see also blue and white mentioned. So I wanted the piece to be in those colours.
I again used textures, blended, to create a background 'scene', then added some waves and birds as it seemed to fit better to have a seascape than a landscape this week! As well as hope I wanted to illustrate the almighty power of God as mentioned in the first commentary's words, so I quite liked it being more of a 'rough' image (as opposed to refined!). I darkened the sky on the top right a little and then added stars across the piece to represent the 'whole universe' and 'entire creation', also mentioned above. I also added more tiny birds, in white.
I'm hoping this piece comes across as hopeful and powerful combined!

Created with CU textures and brushes.
Bernie x

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