Sunday, 27 September 2015

Take Me Deeper - September Week 4

Well, this piece was so much fun to create! It feels as if it almost created itself, other than one sticky moment with the water when I almost gave up and started again! Love how it turned out and the little 'story' that appeared - it's an encouragement for me at this moment with all the 'darkness' that's around in our Parish Church.

September Week 4 - The Promise of the Holy Spirit

I think there's something about Isaiah that just speaks to me - it's as if an invisible hand has reached in and grabbed hold of my heart! So I almost had no choice about what to work with when I wrote out the words of Isaiah 43:2 - 

"Do not be afraid - I will save you. 
I have called you by name - you are mine.
When you pass through deep waters I will be with you;
your troubles will not overwhelm you."

That second line - wow! I knew straight away that I wanted the water in the image. I again used the same 5 textures that I've used all month, rearranging them in layer order, opacity and blend mode. I loved the shapes that appeared in front of my eyes with this last combination and which, once the water was in place, suggested the shapes of mountains covered in bushes and trees! So I enhanced the trees idea with some brushwork, and tried to give the appearance of darkness closer to the water. 

The lady is, of course, one of the HKC Digital images  (I've loved finding this subtle new away of working with them this month!). She has passed through the deep waters, the darkness at the water's edge representing her troubles. They have not overwhelmed her though as she has continued on her journey and reached the top of the mountain, when she worships and is bathed in light to represent blessings from God, and perhaps also being chosen. 

This 'story' of the picture didn't come to mind until I spotted it myself when the piece was finished! It wasn't a conscious story I built into the piece! Love it when that happens, and looking at this such an encouragement for me at this time!
Bernie x

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