Friday, 18 March 2016

Take Me Deeper 2016 - DNA - Week 12 - 18th March - I Am Alive in Him

TMD 2016 - DNA - Week 12 - 18th March - I Am Alive in Him

I really appreciated this devotional! It really brought it home to me just how far I've travelled in my journey of faith!

With this as my background I think it made the devotional that much more powerful for me. Which seemed to mean creating the art piece was going to be that much harder!

It's almost as if the "I am crucified with Christ" and the "I am alive in Him" are too important; almost unapproachable from an art perspective!

So I really had no idea how to go about this, other than sitting there with Photoshop open and praying! It looks a pretty simple piece, but the PS work before the digital painting was anything but! I still don't feel altogether happy with it. Something about it unsettles me almost, but despite trying and trying different things, nothing I do helps that!

Plus, despite deciding not to add words to these art pieces, this piece demanded to have the "It is finished" added to it. Such powerful words!

Maybe I'll revisit this piece at some stage in the future; perhaps after Easter Sunday. Maybe I won't! For now, I offer it as it is and acknowledge the impact it is having on me at this time of searching and coming to terms with such a lot. The power of those words, and yet the comfort of them also. It seems I'm always learning about this faith-art process!
Bernie x

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