Thursday, 10 November 2016

Take Me Deeper 2016 - DNA - Week 45 - 4th November

TMD 2016 - DNA - Week 45 - 4th November - I am Blessed to be a Blessing

Wonderful devotional that really made me think :)

I loved the passage from Rick Warren's book:
"The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by his purpose and for his purpose."

It seemed to me we sometimes need to get back to basics. Stop worrying about the big stuff and make sure we take care of the little things that can make such a difference to us all.

Matthew 10:29 came to mind: Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care.

Symbolically, feeding the birds is a small thing to do but has great impact when we do that! If we can perhaps free ourselves from worrying about the big things - or at least from letting those things take over our minds and hearts - and focus on little things we can do well with great love, everything else will follow.

I think perhaps the US election fever and the reactions that we can't seem to escape atm on social media and mainstream played a subconscious part in my thinking today! The results of a whole nation voting can't be changed and people seem to feel helpless, but there is a lot that we all can do in making the world a better place where we are. Let's just start there and see where we're led...? Be blessed by being a blessing to others.

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