Saturday, 3 December 2016

Advent 2016, 3rd December, Day 7

Advent Day 7
These words are from the Advent hymn The Day of the Lord. The readings for today described how Jesus came for everyone - even the Gentiles! Reading then these words in my hymnbook, well, they really struck a chord.

Not just on a level of us all needing to take a good look around us and actually see those whom society generally tries to ignore - the poor, the homeless etc. It's sad that at this time of year especially perhaps, that it's so easy to become caught up with personal commercial preparations that anything outside that bubble fades into insignificance. But also remembering that there are many who seem to have enough, even more than some, yet feel alone, ignored, invisible. Perhaps especially at this time of year? Widows, orphans, the elderly...I'm sure we can all think of somebody who might appreciate the gift of time from us!

In a wider sense too, woman are so often 'ignored' in society - e.g. unequal pay and the stereotypes and discrimination - I wonder how Mary was perceived within her society and what difference she felt in the treatment of her by those around her once it became obvious she was pregnant?

Ditto the disabled, the poor...

So all those thoughts and feelings inspired this piece, which I'm really pleased with! It really touches me! I'm conscious it's not a gentle, pretty piece, but sometimes I think we need a bit of a jolt to help us realise what we have around us and what others might need from us.
Bernie x

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