Friday, 16 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day 20, 16th December

Advent Day 20

These words were taken from the Advent hymn A Voice Cries Out.

I suppose with the heartbreaking words and scenes from Aleppo across all media, it was inevitable my artwork would be affected. All around the world, so many displaced, suffering; wars, utter disrespect for human life in so many places; so much evil and how many nations sit and watch as it all plays out? How many of those are selling arms to countries that use these weapons against their own citizens and those of other countries?

Never before have we had the means to hear directly from those in the heat of the battle, as fast and as accurately. But who is listening?

On our planet, there are so many without even the most basic of things - clean water. Let alone adequate food and shelter. yet there is sufficient money to send people to Mars, and for what purpose ultimately?

locally, young people, elderly, and those in between, sleeping on our streets, trying to keep out of the rain and cold...seeing every day, people under duvets; hearing of young people, even girls, homeless and being beaten up by men. As individuals we do what we can but where is the will of those elected to represent ALL of us to help and end these kinds of situation forever? We are in the 21st Century!

It's shameful that in our times, with so much technology and luxury on the planet, that so many lack food and water, shelter and human rights.Such intelligent humans in charge of Governments around the world and yet they are incapable of joined up thinking and of working together for the good of the human race as a whole.

We really cannot put our faith in human endeavour. There is no hope there. People hope for change in society, in organisations; hope to see women treated equally to men; hope to see an end to human trafficking, to child abuse. Yet the human race never fails to disappoint and fail.

The only hope I see is to have faith in God; in individual ways we are so blessed. I don't have answers as to how such things can happen, let alone in the 21st Century, but I know that mankind was given free will, and it is that free will that is causing all this tragedy and misery around the world.

Of course, there are people doing good around the world as well! Little rays of light in dark places and situations and they must not be forgotten and ignored. If we all tried to go the extra mile, to be a light in someone's day, it would build a less dark world day by day.

Thanks for bearing with lol, and TFL!
Bernie x

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