Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Photo Artistry Course Inspiration

Inspired by Session 14 of my PhotoArtistry Course, I created this out of a need for some light and brightness, some colour, in the world at present.

I saw some art online that inspired me and so created this! Titled 'Called Out of Darkness', there are a lot of emotions tied up in this piece!

Social media has exploded with reaction to President Trump's words and actions and so much of that is pretty hard going. There seems to be so much darkness within that atmosphere, but also so much darkness still to come. Like clinging tendrils, the darkness pulls us in, and it would be so easy to be swallowed up by it. Thankfully there is light! The light of Faith! The gentle cords of light prevent the darkness taking hold and gradually bring the lady more and more fully into the light. Feeling free, she dances and overcomes!
Bernie x

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