Monday, 6 March 2017

Lent 2017 - Day 3

Friday 3rd March - Lent Day 3

Laying in bed just before rising this morning, I was wondering if I would be inspired by another image, now that my elephant piece was finished. Nothing came!

Then I noticed that the birds seemed to be singing far louder than usual (I always sleep with my bedroom window open and wake to the sound of birdsong, so I'm very used to a 'norm' of sound!).

So I started the day's readings. They were about rejoicing in the Lord, and also from Isaiah 6 - which talks about the Seraphim with 6 wings! Was this my connection?!!

Also from Isaiah, was "I will go, Lord, send me!'

So the piece started to come together - wings, joy, messenger, someone going...

This piece started off very differently, but a happy accident turned this into something quite different for me - and I liked it! Less realism, more illustrative I think :)

The dancer is the one 'going', full of joy. She releases the birds who fly off to spread the Word. Other birds wait on the wire to hear and then to be sent themselves.

I couldn't tell you how I arrived at this result if I wanted to lol, but I like it for this piece, even if I'm not sure it will be repeated!
Bernie x

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