Monday, 3 April 2017

Lent 2017 - Day 26

Sunday 26th March

In light of recent events, this has taken a while to finish! For those who don't know, on 25th March my eldest daughter (20) was driving her little car when a man smashed into her, probably speeding. Her car spun around and then smashed into roadside barrier railings.

Then, as if that were not bad enough, while she was sitting in the car in the immediate aftermath, in shock, a man came up, said he was there to help her, but stole her handbag.

Then, another man in a high viz jacket came up, she thought him a paramedic. He was getting her to move her arms and all sorts in case she had cracked ribs. The ambulance crew who arrived saw him and told her he was NOT a real paramedic and the badge that real crew have had been cut out of the jacket.

Thankfully she had no serious injuries or what he had been doing could have had really serious consequences for her. She actually walked away with severe bruising from the seatbelt and a stiff neck and shoulder that the paramedics were sure was muscular rather than anything more serious.

She was kept in the ambulance for an hour and a half as her blood pressure was so high but was then able to come home rather than go to hospital.

She really had a guardian Angel looking after her that day!

Her little car, which she and her bf saved up for all by themselves, as well as saving a year's worth of insurance, is gone forever to the scrapyard in the sky :(

She was so upset about her handbag being stolen, though! there was nothing of financial value in it but it had all the paperwork and studying she had been doing for weeks as she's in line for a promotion at work once it's completed!

So the next morning, my youngest daughter and I went out searching close to the scene of the accident, as Police had said the bag would most likely be dumped once they realised there was no money or valuables in it. Within 10 minutes I found it! All her paperwork was in there - the only thing the thief took was her (prescribed) medication! He was stupid enough to take the blister pack out of the cardboard packaging though so the Police came and dusted her books for prints and took the packaging away to test in the Lab.

Within 24 hours or so the Police had caught the thief and rang my daughter to take her statement. He is clearly seen on CCTV apparently taking the bag and handing it to another man, all the while talking to my daughter and pretending that he was there to help her. The Police are so disgusted by what he did they are determined to get him sent to prison for what he did.

So it's been rather a nightmare of a week, whilst being so thankful that her injuries were as minimal as they were when you think what could have happened.

On 1st April I celebrated my 50th Birthday :) and having us all together was wonderful!

She's still struggling but has gone back to work and trying to press on.

This piece is based on v.8 of psalm 62: "Trust in God at all times, my people, tell him your troubles, for he is our refuge." This was the reading in my Lent book for the day after her accident happened.
Bernie x