Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Take Me Deeper - In So Many Ways!

Next I heard about two new (free!) projects starting in January 2015. I knew I wanted to do them but they're year long and my past record with year long projects isn't good, lol! But I really felt drawn to take part...almost obliged in a way, if you know what I mean? The urge was so strong I had to at least try!

The first is called Take Me Deeper and you can read all about it here. Each week we receive a devotional, a Bible verse, worship video, and lots of inspiration to study and share His word. Then we play! It's entirely your own choice how to respond to the prompts, whether that be through digital art like me, or paint & paper, mixed media, a photo, poem, music...anything! Just imagine at the end of the 52 weeks, what a record of our faith journeys we will have!

This sounded so much like just what I needed so I joined up!

To accompany Take Me Deeper, or as a stand alone project if you prefer, is Logos365 - have a read here! Based around having one word for the year, this process allows 'God to work in your life and for your focus to become His word for you that lasts an entire year in your life.' Now this really interested me! At a time when everyone seems to be discussing New Year's Resolutions, I wanted something more meaningful. Been there, done that with the resolutions lol! Always fail within days!
A lot of people were saying they would combine the two projects and let them flow together so that's what I decided to do also, yet not having a firm idea in my head how this would actually pan out in practice! Little did I know I was going to be shown exactly how this would work on the day take Me Deeper launched, 2nd January 2015!

For now, here's the cover I made for Take Me Deeper, and then we'll go to the next post to describe events as they turned out!

I was thinking and praying about what kind of image would best represent going deeper into my faith. At first I was thinking water, deep water. But then an image came to mind with such a strong feeling to it - a burning hot sun drawing me in, and yet the heat not harming me at all! So I took that and went with it and this is what I came up with!

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