Wednesday, 7 January 2015

His Kingdom Come discovered!

Through other people taking part in Pause, Ponder & Prepare I found out about a new site -  His Kingdom Come (you can find it here!). I was instantly drawn to this 'international community of faith' and joined.

Then I heard about a workshop there - Kingdom Come (do have a look at it, here!). I knew I wanted to give this a go, even though it would be different to anything I'd ever done before. The workshop is run by such a talented lady, Shonna, who actually uses paint and paper etc etc to create gorgeous pages...and I'd be trying to create in Photoshop!

Well, I really enjoyed making my pages for the workshop! I almost caved and got out the paints and all the rest of my craft stuff from my paper crafting days but couldn't resist the challenge of creating new things in digital! The 4th piece is probably my favourite as I achieved something new for me in Photoshop - I sketched the girl and painted her myself! Then I just used brushes to create the rest of the scene! I still have one more piece to create for this workshop, as Christmas got in the way!

Here are my pages to date though, and then I'll carry on with my story!


  1. What gorgeous images! I like the boat one.. my eye is drawn to it.

  2. Gorgeous pages; powerfully illustrated. I am at a loss to pick a favourite.

    1. thank you so much for the lovely comment Teresa! xx