Friday, 10 July 2015

Take me Deeper - July Week 2

I honestly had so much fun making this page! I seem to be finding a new style, freer, which I love! I'm sure there will be more pieces in this style!

July Week 2 - Cultivating Honour

I did the word search and the predominant words were love one another - which would seem to sum up the way we need to live to honour God and also each other.

So I wanted an image that spoke those words! No ideas of course! So I started playing with the HKC Praise Him digital images and resized, warped and even cut off an arm and moved it around to form the impression I wanted! I can't believe how quickly this came together! It seemed too simple at first; too easy, but I soon realised that nothing else was needed or would work so this is how it stays!

Arms wrapped around each other, these 2 live in love together. With one arm raised in worship, they both live in love of God. They are both enveloped in the light of God and I hope a feeling of joy as well as love comes through!

Other than the HKC Praise Him image, I used my own papers, plus CU brushes and edges.
Bernie x

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