Friday, 16 October 2015

Take Me Deeper - October Week 2

Catching up with myself again slowly after the sickness laid me low. Feeling better now but still left with a nasty cough and all the rain we're having doesn't help! Autumn has hit with a vengeance lol!

October Week 2 - Love

I looked back at the artwork I'd done in February and read everything I wrote back then (it seems a lifetime ago lol!) and was clueless as to an image! Then I read one sentence that just seemed to sum up everything perfectly:
"A dark world can be transformed into a world of light and colour by one single thing - love."

So I just opened up Photoshop and looked at the various textures images I had for interesting shapes and colours within them.

Then I just played! I created a b&w foreground and darker edges to represent the 'dark world' and then  lots of different colours and light were added through texture images and also brushwork to create a cheerful feel. The butterflies seem to suggest happiness as well, but also the continuing transformation of self. Then I just added some stars to hint at all creation being there and transformed into the "world of light and colour."

I seem to be being brought back to basics with these rewind long spells of reading or researching or thinking involved...just openness to creating when my emotions are saying I can't do it because I don't feel like it!

Bernie x

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