Friday, 1 January 2016

Take Me Deeper - DNA - 1st January 2016!

OMW! I can't believe it's the New Year already! I've had a new PC for Christmas and the setting up of that this week has distracted me from uploading my page for TMD-DNA 1st January in advance! Oh well, I'm here now and with a PC that is fully functioning thankfully!

Take Me Deeper 2016 - DNA - 1st January 2016 - Chosen by God

Somehow I ended up digitally painting this piece again, although I was torn between the precision of the original piece I created and the freer style achieved by the painting!

Not sure there was any thinking behind this piece, more a feeling; instinct. I think it's representing freedom - flying free - knowing we are accepted for who we are, and loved for that person we are. Lots of red for love and dove and a wispy trail for the Holy Spirit in action!

Bernie x