Saturday, 9 January 2016

Take Me Deeper - January Week 2 - Creative Prompt - I Am Forgiven

I was up early this Saturday morning all set to have a good play in Photoshop for the January Week 2 Creative Prompt that went live Friday! I'd watched the videos already so was good to go! I decided to try Shonna's technique first - watch this space for how I manage to re-create the hot glue gun technique digitally, lol! I won't give up!!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I'm loving seeing all the other examples as can see them HERE...and join us for Take Me Deeper 2016 - DNA HERE!

January Week 2 Creative Prompt - I Am Forgiven

Working digitally I wanted to find a way to imitate the way Shonna created her background...took me a little playing but I think I did it! Had I had more time I'd have made the shapes more random.

For those who do digital, I used a brush, various sizes and angles, to create a mask, to which I clipped a paper, for a little texture, and then recoloured to make the blue. I duplicated the mask and recoloured the very bottom one a purple colour, which give the added tones around the edge of each piece of blue, like Shonna had.

I had to use smoke brush to give some gentle deepening of colour around the dandelion clock to make it stand out enough. Then the rest was the same - brushed on some white drops and gentle grunge around the edges and added the letters!

I did try a whole range of different colours for the overall piece but kept coming back to these for the feeling of forgiveness, happiness, and to continue the feel of flying free that I put into my Week 1 piece!

It was lovely to just sit and play and, although I knew how to recreate the technique digitally, it's not something I'd have done most likely without the prompt! Also, I decided to keep the image as it came and not digitally paint it, so at year end I will have a nice mixture of painted and not painted!

Bernie x

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