Sunday, 7 February 2016

Take Me Deeper 2016 - DNA - 5th February, Week 6 - I Am Made in the Image of God

Take Me Deeper - DNA - 5th February 2016 - I Am Made in the Image of God

 I picked out the main things I wanted to show...glorifying God, honouring our Creator. I also wanted to show "His shadow - cast over us - giving the image, the resemblance of God the Father!" At first this seemed a bit impossible to portray! 

Dark shadows just didn't work or feel right, so I played with light. It seemed to me that God's 'shadow' would be full of bright light rather than darkness; light which defines our image within the darkness. I also used the cross as another way to portray overshadowing and also to represent the price paid for us.

I bumped up the contrast using levels to really enhance the brightness and light of the piece, which spills over onto the girl, defining her, showing the Father's image to the world. She, in turn, gives honour and glory to God.

Bernie x

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