Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lent 2016 - Day 30 - 10th March

Lent 2016 - Day 30 - 10th March
I never ceased to be amazed! I was really short on time this morning before having to take my niece to school and then my hubby to a medical appt. before setting off out with my mum and youngest daughter to make some preparations for mum and dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday..! 
I prayed that I'd be able to at least make a start on this piece...and here it is finished, lol!

I started out with the intention of keeping these pieces simple and I think I got away from that a tad in the middle, which is fine when I have the time! Today I didn't but I still finished! I'm so thankful, as I don't feel right if my piece isn't finished before my day starts!
Bernie x

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