Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lent 2016 - Day 43 - 23rd March

Lent 2016 - Day 43 - 23rd March

Hoping for warm weather again today so we can get my 91 year old dad out into our garden! We bought a new rabbit run, complete with little 'house' on top, but it really needs an extension to be big enough. Dad used to love his woodwork, but his eyes aren't so good any more. So I'm hoping that between his instructions and imagination and knowledge and hubby's skills with his tools, a nice spacious run can be constructed today! While the men are doing that, mum and I and my youngest can carry on where we left off yesterday and finish the pruning and tidying. We saw so many different creatures venturing out yesterday thanks to the  warm weather  and glorious sunshine - as well as the usual visitors of course, various birds and squirrels! Our garden really is a sanctuary, a place where peace can be found and that's wonderful.

Bernie x

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