Saturday, 11 February 2017

It Had to be Done!

Well, usually I find negative emotion a real creative dampener, but this morning's anger at this article: proved quite useful! 

I've called this piece Nevertheless She Persisted: Anger.

It seems to me that within the RCC women are seen as nothing more than talking heads that don't need a response or consideration. Women can't be called in the same ways as men because only men know the eternal will of God and the limited power of the Spirit of course! Women can be used to do so much of the work in the Church, without which parishes all over the world would fold, and children grow up with no faith taught to them... In my Diocese, the problems within our parish have been ignored, accepted as collateral damage in the Archbishop's desire to send a certain priest to our little historic place of worship. People have been harmed and the stable parish community torn apart by these men with such strong desires for power that nothing else matters. Even asking for prayers for our parishioners was deemed too revolutionary and incendiary by the Latin Mass Society, (who contributes to the funding of our parish - for those who prefer the EF Mass, of course), on social media, as they deleted the first request and then barred the poster from writing anything at all! Many people have written letters to try and save our parish as it limps towards insolvency - both financial and in parishioner numbers. Multiple women's opinions can be ignored - and have been - but one man's letter of concern brings about a tiny spark of thought and even a modicum of action from the Archbishop and a personal 'phone call from the Bishop to that man! Still nothing is done about our situation, of course, but he is afforded the dignity of being listened to and spoken to, unlike the women.

Anyway! this is what came from all that anger! As long as our bodies keep on doing what is necessary for the RCC to survive, the voice can be ignored.

To the screaming person, I added flowers to represent the beauty and harmony of women :) as described in the article :) Then I added a representation of the crown of thorns - for the sacrifices women worldwide make both in what they do and in what they are not permitted to do. There are scratches and drips of blood from the thorns - scars that may never fade. The background is rather chaotic as society, both within the RCC and without, fight for this cause or that, trying to make the world a better place - and yet it doesn't happen fast enough if at all.

Finally, the words 'keep it real' for the Pope :) he lives a life far detached from reality and leads so many sheeple to think in ways that cannot work in the real world - ways that are harmful and destructive in the real world. His opinions of women have been relayed many times before and his romanticised view of women's lives is frankly insulting - the 'strawberry on top of the cake' for one example!

Perhaps a dark piece, or perhaps a positive piece after all - at least the woman is shouting out!! She's not silenced - yet! TFL!
Bernie x

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