Monday, 24 April 2017

A New Beginning...?

With this piece came the firm conviction of my Faith Art path moving forwards. It will mean revamping my Artboja site and stepping up and showing my light well and truly to the world! I'm ready!

Title: No Longer Loved?

This was inspired somewhat subconsciously by readings I am ploughing through at present! One is by Jane Williams, Approaching Easter, the other, by Brother Ramon and Simon Barrington-Ward, Praying the Jesus Prayer Together. I hadn't even realised when I read the individual chapters in each stage of each book, but they were actually saying the same things!

Often, our view of love is all about feelings and sentiment, and when we feel we are no longer loved, we look for things to make us feel that emotional need. We want that feeling of excitement.

But the love God has for us is more than that. John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life."

God's love for us is this wish to see us completely fulfilled, walking with him and with others, and so drawing in others to this family of believers. A family of people who know they are so special to God.

When we feel so loved, we can help others realise they too are so loved. As we come to know that love, we long to become what we truly are and to take that into the world, to others. Taking God's light into the darkness.

In my piece, the woman feels she is no longer loved. Reminiscent of Jesus and his crown of thorns, placed upon him by others, she wears a 'veil' of hard, scratchy twigs and leaves that seem to signify her unworthiness, as placed upon her by others and felt deeply.

Yet dotted within those twigs are little white flowers - little beacons of light. Perhaps all is not lost after all?

Although there seems so much darkness around her, a darkness that contains hard, painful thoughts, feelings and emotions, a darkness that surrounds and envelops her, touching her very body, there is also light. That light also touches her, heals, and gives hope for the future. She realises that although she may suffer now, this will pass and she will be made whole again by His love.
Bernie x

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