Wednesday, 26 April 2017



I tried something different today! Having prayed for inspiration, I opened my Bible at a random page. It fell to the Book of Tobit - not a Book I was overly familiar with! The 'story' within the Book is quite compelling!

Sarah, the woman in my piece, marries Tobit's son, Tobias. Sarah has been married 7 times before but was possessed by a demon, which killed each man who tried to get near her on their wedding nights.

When Sarah was told she was to marry Tobias, she must have been so fearful in case the same happened again - the events had had public as well as private implications for the family.

My piece is my imagining how Sarah must have felt through those times of grief, shame and sadness; she must have felt demorialised and perhaps resentful, wondering how and where this would all end. Yet there is a small glimmer of anxious hope when she sees Tobias arrive...
Bernie x

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