Saturday, 29 April 2017


This morning I carried on reading the Book of Tobit - I'd stopped about 2/3 of the way through as I'd been so inspired to create some art lol! I also read more of the other two books I've been reading all week. Again, although on completely different subjects and having no connection to each other, the places I was at in my reading both covered the same theme - waiting.

The times when we can't control what's happening, eg waiting for test results about an illness, waiting to hear from others we care about. At times like these we can do nothing but wait. It can feel like an emptiness. But this waiting can still be a service; a time of prayer, doing what we're supposed to be doing at that time.

In the Book of Tobit, Anna is Tobit's wife and the mother of Tobias. Her son leaves for a far off place and she is distraught. The Book describes how every day she went to the road Tobias had taken out of town and waited for him to return. As he was delayed in returning, due to getting married, she must have become more and more fraught with worry. But all she could do was wait. Just imagine the joy, though, when her son finally returned!

So this piece is how I imagine Anna. Sitting at the roadside all day long, every day, simply waiting to once more see her son. She worries and can't look after herself - she weeps and doesn't sleep all night - but she waits.
Bernie x

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