Thursday, 11 June 2015

His Kingdom Come - Book Club - The Creative Call

Two more pages using writings from my morning quiet sessions!
The second is about my daughter. Although it was just a simple and seemingly unimportant event, when I thought about it symbolically, it was a bit of a wow moment!
The story behind this is that my daughter (18) is, at the moment, taking on responsibility for planning our family meals, writing up a weekly menu, ordering the food from the supermarket (we pay lol!) and cooking it (she loves cooking and baking!).
So, she had planned for a certain day that we would have a BBQ up on our patio, under the big tree. Well that day dawned and it was grey and windy and even rained and the weather didn't improve all day! I was game for the BBQ but hubby, tired after work, really didn't want to go and sit outside!! But my daughter was determined and buoyed us all up, insisting it would be fine! 
Right as we all went outside to go and light the BBQ and set up the table...the sun came out! It got warmer, despite being evening time, and we sat out there for a good couple of hours, enjoying the food and the company! We had fun and hubby was visibly more relaxed when we finally came in about 8.30pm! Almost all the time we were out there the sun was shining! 
So this is what I wrote and will be the facing page to 'Silence' - I hope to put all these in a photo book at the end of the year - hence the same b/g design! Stash used is from Createwings Designs. 
Bernie x

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