Friday, 12 June 2015

Take Me Deeper - June Week 2

This past week has been very different as my hubby, who is a teacher and HOD at a school for children with Special Needs, took a group of his students to North Wales for the week! It's an activity holiday centre and I'm sure hubby has had just as much if not fun than all the kids! So our girls and myself have had a girls-only week here, and I've had to remember to do the things hubby usually does lol like put out the bins!! Still I managed to find time for some artistic creating - and even did some painting with my girls too! Here's what I made for this week's devotional...
June Week 2 - Our model for Family.
Of all the suggested readings I think I found these the most touching:
Genesis 1:26 - Then God said, "And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us."
I don't know why, whether it's because I haven't read Genesis as much as other Books, not sure, but it's never jumped out at me as it did when I read this verse this time, the use of 'we' and 'us'.
When reading John 14, the strangest thing happened! vv. 1-4 are words that I have heard so many times before and heard quoted a lot too. Usually they don't really move me...possibly it's the imagery that comes to mind of a cold, hard, man-made kind of structure of a house being in Heaven lol, no idea, but when I read these words this time, I just started to cry as they moved me so much! I can't even put my finger on any kind of thought process attached to it, it was purely a reading of the words and my emotions were so stirred up the tears came!
"Do not be worried and upset," Jesus told them. "Believe in God and believe also in me. There are many rooms in my father's house, and I am going to prepare a place for you. I would not tell you this if it were not so. And after I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am. You know the way that leads to the place where I am going."
So, I set myself the challenge of creating something that could actually represent these words - and had no idea how I was going to do that! Obviously I didn't want to have anything that looked too 'house-like' and yet I wanted to represent that to always draw me back to that reading in the future!
I actually used an old piece I'd created just for the fun of it, and worked onto that. I had a vision in my mind of lights shining from windows from afar...showing the way to a place of happiness and safety and representing the 'many rooms.'
So, similar to last week's piece that represented the Creation, I went with a view of the earth, with our Father's 'house' in Heaven, waiting for us. Hopefully it conveys feelings of peace, love, and calm - a true family home.
Bernie x


  1. Wow! Amazing view of the earth!

    1. thank you Hummie - entirely concocted with brushes :) x