Tuesday, 23 June 2015

His Kingdom Come Book Club - The Creative Call

Well, I was keeping up so nicely and then life hit full on and I got all sidetracked! I've been doing the reading and writing some in my day book, but since Chapter 3 haven't managed the exercises. Partially because of the time factor and the way I'm feeling - I want to take it seriously and really think about what I write for each exercise, and partly because some of them have me scratching my head lol!
I'm loving this book though! I'm also finding that a lot of it is coming together what the weekly Take Me Deeper Devotionals and really providing so much inspiration and food for thought!

Anyway, I had an hour this morning and managed to create two pages that will face each other when I have all my pieces made into a photo book :) It will be filled with my writings - something to hand down to the girls!

As always, for consistency, stash used is by  Createwings Designs.

Bernie x

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