Saturday, 4 July 2015

Inspired Digital Artwork

These are two pieces I made this morning and are part of my 'Inspired' Collection!

Not really sure where these pieces came from! This morning I just looked at the dog's bed and the creases and folds looked like human forms! So I snapped a pic on my phone and used that as a starting point! 
For 'Guardian' I added a texture, duplicated a couple of times with different blending modes, and then digitally painted the shapes to highlight the suggestion of form. Then I added various other textures and adjustment layers until I got something I was happy with!

was created from the 'Guardian' piece. Then I added lots of brushwork, with loads of different blend modes, over the top to make it a more painterly piece. 

I had a very relaxing and fulfilling time creating these!
Bernie x


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