Friday, 23 October 2015

Take me Deeper - October Week 4

Having been awake at 4am for a couple of mornings this week, I've managed to have some time to create and so can actually post my piece on time this week! I'm so pleased with this piece and it's definitely one that will end up printed on canvas and up on my wall!
October Week 4 - Resurrection Life
I again read through everything I wrote back in April and what struck me was that each week it's reference to the Light that's speaking to me!
I found points I'd made, taken from a commentary:
- walk as people who are conscious that the light is among them.
- walk in the light, believe in the light. To walk in the light we must first believe and trust in the light. Faith is the way we can see the light. As we trust the light we see the light. Believe in the light and trust and trust Him who is it. Absolutely we may rely on it, unconditionally we must follow it.
Then I opened up Photoshop without really expecting much to happen in the short time I had available...but the piece was as good as done within 45 minutes! I was almost open mouthed as I chose texture images that provided suggestions of a cross and a hill. With just a little enhancement, the picture appeared! Love it!!
I think - hope! - the image suggests someone who is living and trusting in the light. Someone who has hope and faith to see the light. Someone who relies on the light and follows it unconditionally.
Various CU textures and brushes, border, plus one of the HKC Praise Him digital images.
Bernie x

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